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10 Creative Things to Say In a Birthday Card for your Boss

Daryl Forkell
P happy birthday to you blue notebook
P happy birthday to you blue notebook

Everyone likes to be wished a happy birthday - including the people who manage you. Picking out birthday cards for your boss, manager, or other supervisors is easy with Hallmark Business Connections greeting card line. But writing the right message in that birthday card can be challenging.   Do you write something lighthearted or serious? Funny or from the heart? Long or short? Lucky for you, we don't just have great Hallmark birthday cards for bosses; we have just the right one-liners to write in them, too. Take a look (and no need to give us credit!). 

Quick Tip: Buy Hallmark high-quality bulk birthday cards and keep them in a desk drawer. An office birthday may spring up and you'll be well prepared to give your best wishes! 


Tell your boss you appreciate them.

You may not get to say it every day, so here’s your chance. Let your manager know you’re happy to work for her or him, such as:

  • “Happy Birthday to my non-bossy boss.” 

  • “Happy Birthday to a great manager. Thank you for all you do.”

  • “Happy Birthday to a great mentor!”

Make them feel like one of the gang.

You’ve heard the saying; “It’s lonely at the top.” Well, it’s less lonely when you feel included. Giving your boss a birthday card and simply saying, “Glad to work with you. Have a great day.” will go a long way. You could also write:

  • “Happy Birthday to my manager and friend.”

  • “Happy Birthday to my favorite manager.” 

  • “Happy Birthday to someone I work for...and happen to like a lot, too!”

  • “Happy Birthday. Thank you for making this place awesome!”

Surprise them.

Plan a pop-up birthday lunch. Turn a meeting into a birthday celebration. Decorate their cube or office with cards from everyone in the company. It’s nice to let them know this is something you’ve been thinking about for a while. Depending on the person, even receiving a card might be a surprise. Here are some personal notes you can include:

  • “Happy Birthday to the person who is always thinking of others. Today is your day!”

  • “Surprise! How could we forget the best boss on the planet’s birthday?!”

  • “...And you thought we never listen to you! Happy Birthday!”

Make it easy on the entire team by letting them choose a birthday card to give to the boss. Our assortment packs come in handy for occasions like this. Remembering your manager’s birthday is a nice thing to do. Including a little note makes it even nicer. Find just the right card and get celebrating!