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30 Spanish Card Messages for Birthdays, Christmas and More (with Translations)

Daryl Forkell
P Vida welcome christmas birthday desk
P Vida welcome christmas birthday desk

Finding the right words to say "Happy Birthday," "Merry Christmas" or "I’m sorry" in a business greeting card can be difficult, but it’s even more challenging when you’re trying to find the right words in a different language. Over 41 million people in the United States speak Spanish, making it the most popular foreign language used in the United States. Further, the estimated number of Hispanic-owned businesses in the United States is over 322,000. These individuals who value their Hispanic heritage and traditions typically rely on the VIDA card collection—cards that ring true to Hispanic customers and employees. With bold colors, iconic images and warm wishes all written in Spanish, the VIDA line from Hallmark Business Connections caters to Hispanic-owned businesses and individuals who work with Spanish-speaking individuals. While choosing your Spanish card may be simple, writing a personal message to coincide with the card can be a big hurdle. You may be asking yourself—what do I write? Do I write it in Spanish? How do I know whether or not I’m saying the right thing? Question no more. Hallmark Business Connections is here with 30 Spanish card messages that you can use for your business greetings. Use any of the ideas below (and don’t worry—we included translations!).

10 Happy Birthday Messages in Spanish

  • English: With the best wishes that this birthday is wonderful and brings all the best for the year ahead.

  • Spanish: Con los mejores deseos de que este cumpleaños sea maravilloso y que traiga todo lo mejor para el año venidero.

  • English: I wish you a birthday full of happy surprises and many reasons to celebrate.

  • Formal Spanish: Le deseo un cumpleaños lleno de alegres sorpresas y muchas razones para celebrar.

  • English: Our team wishes you the happiest birthday.

  • Formal Spanish: Nuestro equipo le desea el más feliz de los cumpleaños.

  • English: May this day be full of joy.

  • Spanish: Que este día esté lleno de mucha alegría.

  • English: We hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  • Informal Spanish: ¡Esperamos que tengas un maravilloso cumpleaños!

  • English: I wish you a happy birthday, a wonderful year and success in everything you do.

  • Formal Spanish: Le deseo un feliz cumpleaños, un año maravilloso y éxito en todo lo que haga.

  • English: Have fun and celebrate!

  • Informal Spanish: ¡Diviértete y celébralo en grande!

  • English: We wish you a very happy and joyful birthday.

  • Informal Spanish: Te deseamos un muy feliz y alegre cumpleaños.

  • English: Happy Birthday! I hope you have a blast.

  • Informal Spanish: ¡Feliz Cumpleaños! Que te diviertas un montón.

  • English: From all of us (for signing off).

  • Spanish: De todos nostotros

10 Merry Christmas Messages in Spanish

  • English: Wishing you all the joy of Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

  • Formal Spanish: Deseándole toda la alegría de la Navidad y un feliz y próspero Año Nuevo.

  • English: Wishing you a Christmas season and New Year full of health, hope and happiness.

  • Formal Spanish: Deseándole una época navideña y un Año Nuevo llenos de salud, esperanza y felicidad.

  • English: May Christmas and the New Year bring rich blessings of happiness and hope.

  • Spanish: Que la Navidad y el Año Nuevo traigan ricas bendiciones de felicidad y esperanza.

  • English: May the happiness of these holidays and the arrival of the New Year bring you much success.

  • Formal Spanish: Que la felicidad de estas fiestas y la llegada del Año Nuevo le traigan mucho éxito.

  • English: With gratitude for your patronage and our good wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year.

  • Formal Spanish: Con gratitud por su patrocinio y nuestros buenos deseos para un feliz y próspero Año Nuevo.

  • English: Thank you for your business! Have a wonderful holiday.

  • Formal Spanish: ¡Gracias por hacer negocios! Ten unas vacaciones maravillosas.

  • English: With great appreciation for your patronage and our best wishes for a happy Christmas.

  • Formal Spanish: Con gran aprecio por su patrocinio y nuestros mejores deseos para una feliz Navidad.

  • English: Thanks for your contributions. May the season be happy and the new year be full of good things.

  • Formal Spanish: Gracias por sus aportaciones. Que la temporada sea feliz y el nuevo año esté lleno de cosas buenas.

  • English: With our wishes for a Merry Christmas.

  • Spanish: Con nuestros deseos para una Feliz Navidad.

  • English: Happy Holidays!

  • Spanish: ¡Felices Fiestas!

10 Other Spanish Card Messages

How to say "thank you" in Spanish in a greeting card:

  • English: Thank you very much for all of your hard work.

  • Formal Spanish: Muchas gracias por todo su arduo trabajo.

  • English: With warm gratitude for all that has been contributed to our success.

  • Spanish: Con cálido agradecimiento por todo lo que se aportó a nuestro éxito.

  • English: With sincere gratitude.

  • Spanish: Con sincero agradecimiento.

  • English: Thank you very much for your efforts.

  • Formal Spanish: Muchas gracias por sus esfuerzos.

How to apologize in Spanish in a greeting card:

  • English: Thanks for giving us the opportunity to fix things.

  • Spanish: Gracias por darnos la oportunidad de arreglar las cosas.

  • English: We take pride in offering the quality service you expect and deserve, and we sincerely regret any interruption.

  • Formal Spanish: Nos enorgullecemos de ofrecer el servicio de calidad que usted espera y se merece, y lamentamos sinceramente cualquier interrupicón.

  • English: There are no words to express how sorry I am for your frustration. Please accept my apologies.

  • Formal Spanish: No hay palabras para expresar cuánto lamento su frustración. Le ruego que acepte mis disculpas.

How to say “welcome!” in Spanish in a greeting card:

  • English: Giving you a warm welcome and wishing you much success in the future.

  • Formal Spanish: Dándole una cálida bienvenida y deseándole mucho éxito en el futuro.

  • English: Welcome to our team!

  • Formal Spanish: Bienvenido a nuestro equipo!

  • English: To give you a warm welcome and tell you that we love having you here.

  • Formal Spanish: Para darle una cálida bienvenida y decirle que nos encanta tenerle aquí. Be sure to say “gracias”, “Feliz Navidad” and “feliz cumpleaños” to your Spanish-speaking customers and employees. And don’t be afraid to write a personal note in Spanish to embrace their culture and heritage, too!