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The Power of a Handwritten Note

Daryl Forkell
L female handwriting a birthday card with gifts
L female handwriting a birthday card with gifts

In today’s world, instant communication through emails, social media and text messages is commonplace, while receiving a handwritten card or letter in the mail is rare. Even though technology has changed the way we communicate, receiving a handwritten, personalized note still touches our emotions in a way instant communication tools can only dream about. From a business perspective, companies can utilize the power of a handwritten note to express gratitude and recognition of their employees and customers.

When considering whether this form of communication is right for you, consider the following:

1. They build relationships. 

All relationships have something in common: they are unique, intimate and always begin with a connection. Handwritten notes like relationships, are unique as well, providing a level of intimacy, unlike e-communications. Instead, they establish a connection by demonstrating care and willingness to take the time to write. People like to know they are thought of and valued. Handwritten notes not only accomplish this, but they also take it a step further by laying the foundation for a lasting relationship.

Writing tip: Timeliness equals thoughtfulness. Try to send your handwritten note within three days of the occasion or accomplishment being acknowledged.

2. They revive. 

Handwritten notes are capable of engaging people on a deeper level than other forms of communication. They remind employees and customers why they work with you and deliver confidence about their future relationship with you. You will be pleasantly surprised by the number of customers who resurface after receiving your handwritten note.

Writing tip: Consider your word choice and remember that penmanship matters! Get straight to the point and don’t get sloppy; make sure the recipient can read your words. Handwritten notes tend to lose their appeal when they are illegible.

3. They distinguish. 

Handwritten notes differentiate your company from others by positioning you as a thoughtful and appreciative organization that takes the time to go the extra mile. Be mindful that the card in which the note is written is just as important as the wordage itself. Cards can be customized and personalized to resonate with each individual, and even display your company name and logo. Hallmark Business Connections features a card customization option, which allows companies to add that extra touch of personalization to their handwritten notes, making them all the more powerful.

Writing tip: Add an extra personal punch by concluding your handwritten note with a warm and sincere thought to reiterate your reason for writing.

As the wise philosopher William James once said, “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” Next time you want to show your appreciation, remember the power a handwritten note holds in building, reviving and distinguishing personal and professional relationships.

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