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5 Big Reasons Why Businesses Are Using Hallmark Cards in 2020

Rhonda Basler
L female signing card yellow envelope
L female signing card yellow envelope

In 2020, brands need to go the extra mile to make a lasting impression on their customers. We’ve seen businesses provide not just a great customer experience—but an outstanding one—to acquire new customers or to retain existing ones.

From viral guerrilla marketing techniques to head scratching Super Bowl ads, we’ve seen it all in 2020. But what we’ve found is that, sometimes, the most successful marketing and customer experience tactics are the ones that are ridiculously simple.

An unexpected Hallmark card is one of these super simple tactics. Now more than ever, businesses are using Hallmark cards to market their products and servicesreinvigorate their customer experience and build real, meaningful connections with consumers.

In the infographic below, we invite you to discover the 5 big reasons why businesses are using Hallmark cards in 2020.

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