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Rhonda Basler
Meaningful Memorable Moments
Meaningful Memorable Moments

Do companies have to be perfect in order to win in the marketplace? Sure, we aim for flawless execution and high-quality products. But let’s face it. Maybe the shape of snowflakes and warm, sunny spring days consistently hit the mark…but businesses? Afraid not.

We all have favorite companies…ones we stick with…even if something goes wrong. Why? According to the AMEX 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer, 75% of customers say they’ve spent more at a company where they’ve had positive customer service encounters. That’s why our mantra at Hallmark Business Connection is Meaningful. MemorableMeasurable. Meaningful, memorable experiences with customers turn bad situations around and make good interactions great. By creating genuine connections, you’ll find that your customers are willing to buy more, spend more and stay longer, leading to results you can measure.

Have fun watching this video of my favorite tips illustrated by one of Hallmark’s very talented artists.