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15 Quick Birthday Card Messages for Your Employees

Daryl Forkell
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P happy confetti birthday hole punch stapler 1HBE2196

A member of your team is about to celebrate a birthday. You want to give them a card, but the only thing you can think to write is “Happy Birthday from the boss.”

Sending birthday wishes for employees and coworkers doesn't have to be stressful and awkward.

Look to Hallmark Business Connections for ideas of what to say in birthday messages. We also offer birthday cards for employees that you can personalize with your company logo and more. We'll make it easy to put a smile on their face and wish a great employee a great day full of happiness.

For the employee who goes above and beyond. They are the first to join every conference call. They support team members when task lists become overwhelming. Employee birthday cards are a personal way to deliver a message that shows you notice.

  • “I appreciate everything you do. Happy Birthday!”

  • “You make this company what it is today. Happy Birthday.”

  • “I am so thankful to have someone who is as dedicated as you are as a member of our team. Happy Birthday.”

  • “Happy Birthday to the hardest worker I’ve ever met.”

  • “Your work ethic is amazing. Happy Birthday.”

  • “Thank you for making us successful. Happy Birthday.”

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Why wait until their birthday to recognize an amazing employee? Consider delivering a card just because they went above and beyond. Our employee recognition cards will do the trick.

For the employee who has your back. You know the one. They anticipate needs. They are always ready to step up.

  • “I couldn’t do my job without you. Happy Birthday and thank you for your dedication.”

  • “Thanks to you, I know things will always get done. Enjoy your birthday—you deserve it.”

  • “Thank you for always pitching in even when you’ve already pitched in. Happy Birthday.”

  • “Happy Birthday to a person that makes my job easier.”

  • “Not only are you a dedicated employee, but you're also a wonderful friend. Happy Birthday.”

For the employee who makes you laugh. Laughter is a great stress reliever. Thank goodness for employees who know how to lighten a mood or situation when work gets overwhelming.

  • “Happy Birthday to someone who keeps us all smiling when we need it the most!”

  • “Happy Birthday to an employee who makes everyone happy.”

  • “Happy Birthday to everyone’s favorite office jokester.” 

  • “Thanks for making this serious place a fun place, too. Happy Birthday!”

Remembering an employee’s birthday makes for a happy worker and a happy workplace. We always recommend buying Hallmark high-quality bulk birthday cards and keeping them in a desk drawer. An office birthday may spring up and you’ll be well prepared to give your best wishes! Shop all business birthday cards here