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5 Marketing Trends Everyone Will Be Talking About in 2019

Rhonda Basler
L 3 coworkers smiling around laptop
L 3 coworkers smiling around laptop

The start of the year is a great time to take a look back at all of the key lessons we learned in 2018 and project the new year’s up and coming marketing trends. Let’s dive into what we learned in 2018 and what this could mean for marketers in 2019.

Trend #1: Emotionally Intelligent Marketing Is Key


Emotion (how customers feel about your company) is the most influential factor affecting customer loyalty in 17 out of 18 industries. 2018 taught us that brands who connect with customers on a personal, emotional level will be more successful than those who do not. To learn more about this topic, download this white paper.

Trend #2: Using Big Data to Drive Marketing Results Is Critical


Adopting a data-driven marketing strategy—one that ensures you’re marketing to the right person at the right time under the right conditions—was a must-test in 2018. In 2019 it will be a must-do and one of our top marketing trends.

Trend #3: Authentic Marketing Is Best


Finding marketing tactics that feel natural to the customer journey or experience can be challenging. Discover how this retailer, widely known for their world-class personalized customer service, expressed a heartfelt thanks to customers and rewarded them with a very special offer in this case study.

Trend #4: Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing Can (and Will Continue to) Intersect


It’s no secret that omnichannel marketing worked well in 2018. And finding offline marketing tactics that get people talking in the digital space is one way to reimagine how digital and direct marketing can intersect in 2019.

Trend #5: Regaining Lost Reach—Digital Only Extends So Far


Don’t call it a comeback; direct mail never died. According to the 2018 ANA DMA Response Rate Report from Demand Metric Research Corporation, more than 50% of companies effectively use direct mail to generate significant marketing ROI. We expect a continued resurgence of using direct mail in all the right ways through 2019 and for years to come. Recent statistics from the Data & Marketing Association found that direct mail engagement continues to increase, particularly as marketers improve upon personalization and relevance.

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