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5 Ways to Recognize Parents in the Workplace this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Abby Hill
22-061A-2022 Shop Mother's Day Father's Day Campaign Article HERO IMAGE
22-061A-2022 Shop Mother's Day Father's Day Campaign Article HERO IMAGE

When it comes to employee appreciation, you can pick from many options. Or dream up something completely new and different! Recognize years of service, congratulate them on workplace excellence, or show appreciation in tandem with celebrating special life events, like birthdays. Or, if you’re looking to stand out, send appreciation on holidays not conventionally celebrated in the workplace, like Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, or even Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Celebrating the parents in your office and thanking them for all they juggle will make them feel appreciated, motivated and energized. As 60% of working mothers and 52% of working fathers attest, balancing work and family is difficult. Taking the time to applaud that balancing act and thanking them for staying on top of their work can mean a lot. Here are five tactics for showing working moms and working dads your appreciation this Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 14 and Father’s Day Sunday, June 18.

1. Greeting Cards

There’s a reason cards are one of the first things people use to celebrate loved ones and important events. Cards make people feel special and offer a tangible memento to keep and display. Plus, greeting cards outperform popular digital communication tactics. So, when you want to make an emotional connection, opt for the physical.

STAT 64 percent

64% of people say greeting cards make them feel special (vs. 15% for emails and 5% for texts).

SOURCE: USPS mail data

A thoughtful message in a greeting card brings people together not just personally, but also professionally. Hallmark Business Connections clients see great gains when sending cards, with 75% of recipients reporting feeling more connected to the business and 82% having an improved brand perception of the sender.


This Mother’s Day and Father’s Day send a card to the working parents in your office and save when you buy in bulk.

Save time and money when you personalize cards with Hallmark.

2. Treat Them to Lunch

Sharing a meal is always a great way to build connections. Take time during the workday to make parents feel appreciated with a special lunch.

A catered meal in the office is a coworker gift that will have everyone excited. During lunch, parents can share stories about their children and team members can talk about their plans for Mother’s/Father’s Day.

Depending on your team and budget, going out to lunch may make sense. Dining in a restaurant prevents a crowded breakroom and makes the occasion feel even more special. Gifts for coworkers can be tricky sometimes, but everyone will enjoy a break from the office.

If your team works remotely, send a gift card or a voucher. This offers flexibility and encourages the recipient to put the credit toward sharing a meal with their children or their parents.

3. Support Parents in Need

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are also great occasions to inspire giving back. One unique way to establish a company culture of supporting parents is to help parents in need. Launch a charitable donation drive or fundraiser to benefit organizations that assist parents and families. You’ll wish a happy Mother’s Day to all moms and families, not just those in your office.

Consider which nonprofit, charity or social enterprise would be the best fit for your company. Local organizations are great for supporting your immediate community and may provide opportunities to volunteer close to home. In addition to making an impact, company outings like this facilitate team bonding and bring people closer together.

4. Institute Parent-Friendly Policies Year-Round

It’s important to parents that their jobs and personal lives can be integrated smoothly. While a one-time surprise is nice, the best way to recognize the efforts of your team is to create an everyday work environment they are excited to be a part of. Mother’s and Father’s Day messages shouldn’t be new, but a continuation of how you communicate care all the time.

Creating a parent-friendly work culture may look different for every business. Factors that are most important to consider, sometimes even more so than salary, are work-life balance, flexible work schedules—including options for remote or hybrid work—and parental leave policies.

Factors Working Moms Use to Evaluate Job Prospects

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5. Ask Parents How They Can Best Be Supported

Want to know how your employees are feeling and what they’re thinking? Ask them. One of the best gifts for Mom (and Dad) is to feel heard, understood and appreciated.

This year over Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, seek feedback from your team and evaluate your existing policies and procedures. Parents will appreciate being asked directly how they could be better supported. When employees have a strong sense of belonging and feel heard, organizations are 88% more likely to perform well financially.

88% (percent) Icon

Organizations are 88% more likely to perform well financially when employees feel like they belong and are heard.

SOURCE: The Workforce Institute at UKG

As you prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in your office, keep in mind these holidays are different for everyone. Making all celebrations optional is a great way to make sure everyone can participate at their comfort level.

Make it a happy Mother’s Day 2023 by trying out these employee appreciation strategies. And with just over a month between holidays, take advantage of the time to regroup after Mother’s Day to decide what was and was not successful. This will ensure a happy Father’s Day 2023 as well!

Don’t forget that this year Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14 and Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18.