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7 Easy Steps To Strengthen Business Relationships with a Monthly Birthday Campaign

Kim Totty
Birthday Campaign Cards
Birthday Campaign Cards

Birthdays are an excellent time to acknowledge all we admire about someone and wish them well for their year ahead. A birthday card with a thoughtful message is a wonderful way to celebrate someone, whether they’re friends, family, or even business associates.

Saying “Happy Birthday” with a card doesn’t just make the recipient’s day, it also makes good business sense. Connecting over birthdays makes people feel closer to your organization. One of the many good reasons to send customers birthday cards is that it increases loyalty by 10% (Client-reported results).

The strategy for sending to employees is slightly different, but can yield similar results Recognizing staff birthdays can go a long way toward making them feel appreciated. It certainly contributes to lowering your turnover rate, with 63% of employees who feel recognized unlikely to look for a new job (Bonusly and SurveyMonkey). Add in the many employees working in a remote setting, and you’ll be happy to see a stronger bond form as a result of staff members receiving a tangible, displayable birthday card.

Hallmark Business Connections is here to help you engage with those important to your business. We’ve made it easy to execute a monthly birthday campaign that will strengthen your relationships with customers and employees. In just seven easy steps you can start seeing the benefits of sending birthday wishes with a Hallmark card.

Setting Up Your Campaign

1. Pick a card.

Browse our selection of birthday designs to find the one that’s just right for you. (Please ensure it doesn’t say “customizable” in the title if you’d like us to mail on your behalf.)

2. Personalize your message.

Once you’ve found a cover you like, select a pre-written sentiment to be printed inside the card. You can filter choices based on the audience to be most appropriate for clients or employees. If you want to send to a mix of people, we have plenty of options that would be perfect for anyone’s big day.

You also can add a personal message or logo for free! Just remember it will be printed on all the cards in your order, so don’t make it too specific to any one recipient.


Need even more inspiration? We have a blog post full of ideas for what to write.

3. Select your mailing method.

To have cards mailed for you: Check the personalization option Recipient Address from the drop-down box, click Affix Stamp + Mail on my Behalf. These cards will be sent straight to your recipients.

To have cards sent to you: Check the personalization option Recipient Address and from the drop-down box, click either No Stamp, Ship to Me or Affix Stamp + Ship to Me. Either would be a great option if you prefer to hand deliver or add your own handwritten note before mailing.

4. Upload your mailing list.

Make sure your list is formatted to match the example and that all recipients live in the United States. There is a 25-card minimum sending requirement.


5. Choose your mail date.

Getting a birthday card late can be disappointing. Consider carefully when to send cards to ensure an on-time arrival. Orders currently can be scheduled to drop in the mail up to 20 days out. All cards are sent USPS First-class mail and do not have tracking capability. So, it’s always best to send cards early!

6. Check out.

You’ve made all your selections, now it’s time to finalize your purchase.

7. Order again each month.

After your first order you can select the card from your history and easily purchase the same one. Just upload a new mailing list to celebrate a new batch of birthdays!


Now’s the time to start celebrating birthdays with your customers and employees. It’s easy to show you care with a Hallmark card and your business will directly benefit from deeper loyalty.