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Create Timely Opportunities to Spark Customer Appreciation, Try Valentine’s Day

Daryl Forkell
L female with surprised expression reading greeting card
L female with surprised expression reading greeting card

Creating meaningful and authentic opportunities for businesses to express appreciation for their customers is something many struggle with. Naturally occurring occasions do exist for this sentiment, but they are so few and far between that customers may feel overrun by receiving simultaneous messages of appreciation from many businesses, causing those messages to be tuned out. One opportunity many businesses fail to utilize to their advantage is the perfect timing of mid-February and Valentine’s Day to show customers they truly care, not in an “I love you with deep affection” sort of way, but in the “you are important to us” way. While the initial sentiment found in this holiday tends to surround love, refocusing that sentiment toward customer appreciation is a fairly simple proposition.

Here are a few things to consider when developing your company’s Valentine’s Day messaging:

  1. Be True and Authentic

    The most important advantage you have with current customers is how well you know them. Over the years, you’ve developed relationships with them and you know a lot about them. When creating a message to your current customers, customize it and make it personal, taking each of these specifics into account. If you don’t leverage what you know, you waste valuable data and show your customers you aren’t paying attention.

  2. Seize the Opportunity

    Many businesses avoid Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to connect with their customers because of the romantic feelings the holiday evokes. However, it’s not about romantic messages, but a timely opportunity to connect with those you care about: your customers. You could send something as simple as, “We appreciate your continued business and we love having you as a customer.” The message connects with customers while remaining professional. Consider personalizing messages to further create an authentic connection.

  3. Create A Memorable Moment

    Customers pay more attention to messages surrounding Valentine’s Day for the simple reason that few businesses use this holiday as a touch point. Many businesses send typical direct mail, but few send Valentine’s Day cards. Doing so creates connections that are different and highly memorable.

Don’t underestimate the power of a unique and organic touch point when it comes to connecting with your customers. Remember, customers are your most valuable assets and any opportunity to connect with them – especially distinctively – should be taken.

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