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3 Unexpected Reasons Why Company Holiday Cards Are Trendy Again

Rhonda Basler
Woman smiling while reading 2021 Merrier Together Holiday Card
Woman smiling while reading 2021 Merrier Together Holiday Card

There’s no way around it—2020 unleashed quite a few challenges for everyone both personally and professionally. As companies look for the best ways forward, it’s becoming extremely evident that cementing the relationships already established with employees and current customers will be an important part of the strategy. 

Positivity plays a role in this strategy, too. When your company triggers a positive reaction, your customers and employees will remember that in a way other non-emotive communication can’t replicate. And here at Hallmark, we applaud companies who are helping others feel better about the work they do and the companies they do business with, which, in turn, also grows their revenue during the very busy holiday season.

3 Ways Sending Hallmark Holiday Cards Can Help Your Business

Sending business holiday greeting cards to your employees and customers will benefit your business—here’s how:

1. It will increase revenue in Q4 while staying on budget.

With the upcoming holiday season, there’s no better time for companies to show their appreciation to customers and employees and increase profits in the process. It’s one of the reasons why holiday cards are trendy again.

When sending a Hallmark holiday card with a special offer, one of our specialty business clients found:

  • Holiday greeting cards produced double the incremental revenue compared to their other formats*

  • A five times greater sales contribution per piece than the previous year non-holiday mailer*

*Client Reported Results

Plus, you’ll stay on budget when you send a Hallmark business holiday greeting card— this year and every year moving forward. It’s cost-effective, easy to order, simple to customize for your company and with our Make It Easy personalization and mailing services, it won’t put a strain on your human resources. 

Understand that relationships are more important than contracts. 

Steve Pavlina, Author and Speaker

2. It will strengthen customer relationships.

It can be tricky to form customer relationships as you grow your business while still focusing on all problems and issues that come with growth. But one way that sure helps? Keeping the customers who patronize your company feeling valued, personally acknowledged and appreciated. Retaining loyal customers is an important part of every business, and it’s essential to find ways to connect and remind them why they love your company.

STAT up to 95 percent

Statistics show that increasing customer retention rates by 5% could lead to an increase in profits up to 95%.

SOURCE: Harvard Business School


You didn’t just send me a card, you sent me a Hallmark card.

Card Recipient

Your clients will appreciate the thought that goes into picking a Christmas card and writing a personal note (don’t worry, Hallmark has prewritten messages and handwriting fonts to save you time!). So, you’ll feel good about the cost, and your customers will feel good when they find a Hallmark card in their stack of other less desirable mail. 

3. It will improve Employee Retention Rates

Turnover of employees continues to be among the top concerns for company executives—especially with essential, service-oriented and health care employees. One thing you hear over and over from numerous think tanks is engaged employees tend to stick around. They work harder, stay loyal to their company and become excellent spokespeople who advocate for your business.


How can you recognize your employees, including those still working from home? Send a Hallmark card! 

Think about it. There’s something special about discovering a Hallmark card mixed in with the junk mail and bills. An ”appreciation at the holidays” card not only spreads cheer but will surprise and delight your employees when they see your personal note filled with details that recognize their hard work this year.


Keeping your business relationships going and growing is always a good idea, but it certainly feels even more vital this year. That’s why sending a holiday greeting card makes sense—it always makes a lasting impression.

We can help. An easy and inexpensive way to send holiday cards is through Hallmark Business Connections—not only can you find the right card, but with just a few clicks, you can add a personal note that will connect emotionally and logically with clients and staff. Hallmark writers even provide the words for you to borrow and make your own. Writing a heartfelt card has never been easier!

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