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3 Unexpected Reasons Why Company Holiday Cards Are Trendy Again

Rhonda Basler
Woman Reading Dogs Thanksgiving Card Hero Image
Woman Reading Dogs Thanksgiving Card Hero Image

There’s no way around it—the pandemic has created new challenges for everyone, both personally and professionally. As companies look forward, it’s obvious that cementing pre-existing relationships with employees and current customers will be an important part of a successful business strategy. 

Positivity plays a role in this too. When your company triggers a positive reaction, your employees and customers will remember that in a way other, non-emotive communication can’t replicate.

During the height of social distancing when most work, entertainment and communication turned digital, the effects of tech fatigue started to set in. After constantly being online and attached to screens, it's not surprising that people sought out more analog ways of connecting. Physical greeting cards became a perfect opportunity to regain tactile interaction when families, friends and coworkers couldn't be in the same physical spaces.

These personal and sincere touchpoints are also on the rise for members of Gen Z who have grown up as digital natives. As Forbes reports, the youngest members of our population are finding stability in embracing the past. Among Millennials too, the next big thing isn't a new technology, it's something old.

Here at Hallmark, we applaud companies who are keeping up with these trends to help others feel better about the work they do and companies they work with. This, in turn, is empowering businesses to grow their revenue during the busy holiday season.

3 Ways Sending Hallmark Holiday Cards Can Help Your Business

1. Increase revenue in Q4 while staying on budget.

With the upcoming holiday season, there’s no better time for companies to show their appreciation to employees and customers and increase profits in the process. It’s one of the reasons why holiday cards are trendy again.

When sending a Hallmark holiday card with a special offer, one of our specialty business clients found that:

2x Red Icon

Holiday greeting cards product 2x the incremental revenue compared to other formats.

SOURCE: Client-reported results
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Holiday mailers lead to 5x the sales contribution per piece than the previous year's non-holiday mailer.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

You’ll see results and stay on budget with Hallmark Business Connections. Hallmark business holiday greeting cards are cost-effective, easy to order and simple to customize. Plus, with our personalization and mailing services, you'll save time and avoid straining your team's capacity during an already busy season.

2. Strengthen customer relationships.

It can be tricky to form customer relationships as you grow your business while still addressing the problems and issues that can come with growth. One thing that can help? Keeping your existing customers feeling valued, acknowledged and appreciated.

Retaining customers is an important part of every business, and it’s essential to find ways to connect and remind them why they love your company.

Loyal customers know you well. They're familiar with your brand and know what to expect from you, which can be valuable in times of uncertainty. Remind customers that despite the unpredictability of the pandemic and supply chain issues they've been able to depend on you.

Don't forget that you know them too though. Your existing database of information, their buying behaviors and preferences is your secret to delivering an unmatched customer experience.

To deepen connections, show your customers you've been paying attention. Focus on delivering their ideal experience rather than chasing new consumers in the market.

STAT up to 95 percent

Statistics show that increasing customer retention rates by 5% could lead to an increase in profits up to 95%.

SOURCE: Harvard Business School


Understanding your audience and knowing what they like allows you to deliver a memorable greeting card experience. Your clients will appreciate the thought that goes into picking a Happy Holidays or Christmas card and writing a personal note. Not sure what to say? Don't worry! Hallmark has a range of message starters to get you inspired and handwriting fonts to save you time.

A Hallmark card will stand out in their stack of less desirable marketing mail and make customers feel good.

3. Improve employee retention rates.

Turnover continues to be among the top concerns for company executives. One thing you hear over and over from numerous think tanks is that engaged employees tend to stick around. They work harder, stay loyal to their company and become excellent spokespeople for your business.

The question is, how do companies get and keep their employees engaged? Hallmark understands that one of the biggest motivators is appreciation. A Deloitte study of more than 16,000 professionals confirms that recognition is linked with higher levels of engagement and lower rates of turnover.

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78 percent of employees say being recognized motivates them in their job.

SOURCE: Gallup State of the American Workplace Report

Movements like The Great Resignation stem from a widespread feeling among workers that they are expendable. Show your team that they are valued both for their contributions and as people.

How should you recognize your employees, including those you aren't seeing in the office every day? Send a Hallmark card! It will make your team feel appreciated and likely improve your business results.

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69 percent of employees say they would work harder if they thought that effort would be recognized.

SOURCE: Gallup State of the American Workplace Report

Think about it. There’s something special about discovering a Hallmark card mixed in with the junk mail and bills. An ”appreciation at the holidays” card not only spreads cheer but will surprise and delight your employees, especially when they see your personal note filled with details that recognize their hard work this year.

Keeping your business relationships going and growing is always a good idea, but it certainly feels even more vital after the past few years. That’s why sending corporate holiday cards makes sense—they always leave a lasting impression.

Get started today by checking out these best-selling Hallmark business holiday cards:

Our range of card designs offer the opportunity to celebrate specific cultural and religious traditions or send an inclusive wish for a happy holiday season. A variety of formats, including photo, folded and flat cards, also give you the option to stand out on someone's mantel. Find a cover that fits your brand—whether you're looking for premium hand-lettering, something illustrated and cozy or photorealistic and polished.

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Making your card your own:

We can help. An easy and inexpensive way to send holiday cards is through Hallmark Business Connections. Not only can you find the right card, but with just a few clicks, you can add a personal note that will connect emotionally and logically with clients and staff.

Hallmark writers even provide the words for you to borrow and make your own. Writing a heartfelt card has never been easier!

Each Hallmark card offers multiple printed inside sentiments to choose from as well as message starters to help you write a custom message. A selection of handwriting fonts will deepen the personal experience for your recipients without the painful hand cramps or smeared ink. Addressing services, complete with a real stamp and gold seal, will also save you time and deliver an authentic experience from the second they see your card in their mailbox.

You didn’t just send me a card, you sent me a Hallmark card.

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