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STAT 74 percent vs 72 percent

74% of consumers would like to receive more greeting card mail from businesses, and of those 72% prefer a Hallmark card to a non-Hallmark card.

SOURCE: USPS mail data

It's not just a campaign, it's a very genuine and heartfelt way that we're reaching out to the best customers.

Emily Miller, Category Manager Consumables, Walgreens

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What Can a Hallmark Card Do for Your Business? Here are 10 Inspiring Examples.

Here are 10 examples of how we're helping companies grow—one Hallmark card at a time. Because stronger, more meaningful connections with customers and employees is always good business. Plus, we have the stats to prove it.
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5 Ways to Create Personal Connections with Your Consumers

Reaching out directly to consumers is the most effective way to nurture a personal connection. There are different ways to develop authentic relationships with customers, but here at Hallmark, we have found that one of the best ways is with a greeting card.
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Case Study

Hallmark Cards Are a Double Win for Marketing ROI

Test a Hallmark business greeting card against any top-performing mail tactic you’re currently using. Most likely, Hallmark cards will be opened, read, understood and acted upon better than your existing solution.
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6 Reasons to Recognize Workplace Excellence

It’s a fact: employee recognition is valuable for retention, recruiting and promoting a positive company culture. It’s been found that employees who are acknowledged for their workplace contributions are more engaged and inclined to stay with their company longer.
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25 Simple Messages That Show Clients & Employees You Care

We’ve outlined ideas for personal messages to help connect with those important people in your work world—your customers and employees.
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Safety Recognition Messages ARTICLE HERO IMAGE 2024

25 Safety Recognition Greeting Card Messages for Employees to Make Card-Sending Easy

It is more important than ever to recognize safety in the workplace. From proper sanitization and avoiding accidents to potential worker’s compensation issues, it’s crucial to acknowledge employees who demonstrate safe behaviors on the job.
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STAT up to 22 percent

Businesses see up to a 22% better performance with Hallmark cards over previous best-performing mail formats.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

The Importance of Business Greeting Cards To Keep Your Business Going and Growing

In a world where social isolation has become mainstream, there is no better way to connect companies to employees, clients and customers than through Hallmark greeting cards. Our wide array of industry-specific greeting cards for wealth management, financial services, banking, insurance, healthcare, real estate and more are created by Hallmark’s finest creative minds for business. The Hallmark brand represents caring at its finest.  At Hallmark Business Connections we are delighted to help companies, businesses and associations care enough to change the world.