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5 Tips & Tricks to Customize a Hallmark Card for Your Business

Tiffany Edwards
P 4 holiday cards 2 photo on open notebook
P 4 holiday cards 2 photo on open notebook

Hallmark Business Connections is the only place where you can personalize your Hallmark business greeting card. With a myriad of personalization features that allow you to add photos, select colors and fonts, write digital personal messages and much, much more, we give your business permission to create your own Hallmark card. But with so much creative freedom, getting started can sometimes be intimidating. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Below, we invite you to explore our five tips and tricks to design your own Hallmark card for your business.

STAT 72 percent

72% of consumers prefer Hallmark greeting cards over other greeting cards.

SOURCE: HBC Quantitative Consumer Direct Marketing Communications Study

TIP #1: Select your card color strategically.


How does color play into your card design? Some businesses match their corporate or personal brand colors as closely as possible. Others pick a color that represents the occasion (i.e., red or green for Christmas), the mood/tone of the card or just their favorite color. Our quick tip? Unusual or occasion-based colors are more intimate, special and therefore, better for relationship-building. When in doubt, go this route!

TIP #2: Fonts, fonts, fonts.


The first tip when selecting a font—know when to stop. Utilize one font (or two at most!) or you will lose the impact of Hallmark’s proprietary digital handwriting fonts. Using any more than two fonts may also make your card look more like an art project, and less like a polished greeting card for your business. Our final font tip—always preview the card to ensure it’s easy to read and stays within the maximum character amount allowed for each card.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to express gratitude to your customers. Plus, you’ll avoid the holiday mail rush!

TIP #3: Photos or no photos?


If you have a highly professional relationship...

  • Skip the photos and opt to use a traditional Hallmark greeting card format made just for businesses.

  • The exception? If you're opening a new facility, releasing a new product (that's highly photogenic!) or celebrating a milestone anniversary, a photo card may be fitting. Or, if you think a photo card will help advance your business relationship, go for it!

If you have a work/life relationship...

  • Maybe you thrive on building customer relationships that span both your business life and your personal life. In this case, use a Hallmark photo card that features your family on the front and a workplace team photo on the inside or back. It's the perfect pairing to extend well wishes both personally and professionally.

  • The exceptions? If you're using a Hallmark card to announce something specific to your business, keep the card about business. If your sending occasion is highly personal, use a family photo, personal photo, a photo of your office dog or something even more engaging.

If you have a friend-based relationship...

  • Many agents, advisors and small-to medium-sized businesses don't just have customers-they have customers who are also good friends. In this case, don't be afraid to send the same card to your customers as you send to your friends and family. A fun photo of your family, your pets, your team or a mix of all is appropriate.

  • The exceptions? If the Hallmark card is solely to communicate a business announcement, skip the photo!

STAT 10 percent lower

Agents and advisors who consistently use Hallmark business greetings cards as part of their loyalty strategy see 10% lower attrition rates than their peers.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

TIP #4: Choosing additional features.


Our Hallmark greeting cards come in a variety of paper stock types, too. If you want your card to be highly professional (or if you’re looking to impress some customers or prospects!), consider selecting a thicker or textured paper stock. If you’re looking to remain cost conscience, remember that even our standard paper stock is high quality! Another great way to stand out from the crowd is by selecting a greeting card that incorporates metallic foil (some of our photo cards include foil, too!).

STAT 75 percent

75% of card recipients report feeling more connected to a business that sends Hallmark cards.

SOURCE: Client-reported results

TIP #5: Still overwhelmed? Simplify!


If designing a Hallmark greeting card with color choices, fonts and photos seems too overwhelming, but you’re determined to make your greeting card different, consider selecting a customized cover card instead. You can infuse your business name into the cover design of your Hallmark card with just a few clicks. Go this route if you’re short on time, but want your business name front and center to create additional brand awareness. Final tip: don’t put your business name on the front of a greeting card if the card is meant to be more personal. When it comes to connecting with your customers, employees or even with your friends and family, nothing works better than a Hallmark card. Don’t be shy—start designing your Hallmark card today. And with an online account, you can even order samples! If you want to order samples of Customizable greeting cards, photo cards or personalized invitations, we offer a sample pack of pre-designed samples for you to order, too.