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4 Steps to Take the Stress Out of Company Holiday Cards

Daryl Forkell
Christmas and New Year's SKUs with Fir Branches
Christmas and New Year's SKUs with Fir Branches

Year after year, no matter how prepared we planned to be, the holiday season sneaks up on us. Suddenly it’s October and our to-do lists quickly expand—time to plan team celebrations, corporate holiday cards, gifts and more.

With the growing popularity of digital connections solved thru text blasts, social posts and eCards, it’s tempting to take the easy route, shelving snail mail holiday messages. But those who are eager to abandon this tried & true tradition may very well be kicking themselves when the following quarter rolls around, as research shows the end of the year is an excellent time to reach out to clients and customers in a tangible way.

According to data from global market research company Kantar TNS, 70% of consumers said physical mail made them feel more valued than e-mail and left a better impression of the sender.

It’s no secret that greeting cards and Hallmark are virtually synonymous. It stands to reason, then, that the very best way to make an unforgettable business impression is with Hallmark Business Connections. Our data confirms that 82% of Hallmark card recipients report improved brand perception of the companies sending those cards.

Partnering with Hallmark, especially at the holidays, will naturally win you major brand points, but add on the undeniable statistical success of direct mail. Figures reported by Fundera show that open rates for direct mail can reach up to 90%—with response rates five to nine times higher than any other advertising channel.

If executing a company holiday card is on your docket, fear not. We’ve outlined four steps to determine the best plan for your business, taking a little stress out of a season filled with frantic tasks. With help from Hallmark Business Connections (and a little holiday magic) you can check this big to-do off your list.

1. Define the purpose of your card. 

Half the battle is won once a direct mail campaign is in the cards (and yes, that pun is totally intended). Now, you owe it to yourself to get crystal clear about the “why” behind your effort.

Want to focus on retention?

thank you message brimming with sincerity might be the right move. Consider a Thanksgiving message of gratitude that will hit mailboxes before December holidays.

Want new connections to see your brand is a whole vibe?

Choose something luxe from our premium offering, buck convention and get a little quirky or spread smiles and good cheer with one of our funny holiday cards.

Want to reinforce heartfelt values?

Lean into the reflective nature of the year coming to a close with a holiday message of peace and joy…or inspire optimism with hopeful new year wishes.

Whatever you decide, make sure to use this window of opportunity to communicate your key message clearly.

2. Find the design that best represents your business.

Should you send a Christmas card to your customers? How about Hanukkah? What if funny holiday cards are your thing? If you don’t want to offend, don’t worry.

Entrepreneur Magazine advises, “Be sensitive to other people’s religious beliefs and senses of humor.” Choose a secular design and message for customers and clients and save cards that express your faith for family and friends. When it comes to humor at the holidays, your best bet is to select something sweet or silly.

Most custom business holiday cards pair secular images with broad messages like “Season’s Greetings” or “Happy Holidays,” though depending on your business type and transparency of beliefs, it is ultimately your call. Keeping things neutral can help avoid lost business and angry phone calls while also demonstrating a commitment to diversity and the value of all cultures and beliefs.

If you feel torn by sending a less-than-holy holiday missive, you’re not out of options. Some businesses simply redirect to a Thanksgiving greeting or show up after the madness with a new year card instead.

3. Personalize your company holiday card.


Now that you’ve nailed the purpose for your campaign and found your just-right design, it’s time to personalize it. Luckily, Hallmark Business Connections comes with a litany of ways to help your custom cards sing.

Whether you choose from a selection of messages crafted by the best in the biz, choose to write your own personal message, or both, Hallmark Business Connections will help you be polished and personal.

When crafting your personal message, you can take the opportunity to offer appreciation for continued business, but don’t be afraid to unbutton your collar and wade into more heartfelt waters.

While your first instinct might be to express a generic holiday greeting or send new year wishes for prosperity, you can also go a less obvious direction. To connect on a deeper level, consider sharing a personal story, reflect on a relevant holiday quote or share thoughts on a current world event. Whatever you decide to write, keep in mind that a card without a personal note could come across as obligatory or cold.

Partnering with Hallmark Business Connections means you literally have the masters of sincerity in your corner. Your project comes with access to authentic features like Hallmark’s proprietary digital handwriting technology, convenient shipping service and a real stamp on every card. These subtle but important details help elevate your brand while sending a quietly powerful message.

And of course, no corporate holiday card would be complete without your branding. Uploading your logo is easy, and the best news? All these personalization options are streamlined and simple to navigate—purposefully designed to save you time and energy.

4. Strategically land in client mailboxes.

Maybe you want to be the first in your US clients’ mailboxes by sending a Thanksgiving card by mid-November, or avoid getting lost in the shuffle with a holiday greeting the first week of December. You could switch things up and connect once the smoke clears with new year wishes. Whichever you choose, Hallmark Business Connections has you covered. With planning, production and fulfillment expertise, when we say “end-to-end,” we really mean it.

Sending to clients around the globe? Plan ahead and be sure to account for differences in dates and customs. For example, a Thanksgiving greeting for Canadian clients would need to arrive almost a month earlier than stateside cards. And while most people could undoubtedly agree that a Golden Retriever in a pilgrim hat is adorable, it’s simply not a relevant icon for Canadians.

Asian clients who observe any version of Lunar New Year would surely be pleased if you marked the special day with a new year card…but not if it comes on January 1. Lunar New Year falls on the new moon, most often in late-January or early-February. With our global chops, your business benefits from our understanding of how people communicate and celebrate around the world.

Our full-service shipping capabilities mean you can hand off the baton with confidence. We believe that it shouldn’t go without saying that your data is safe in our hands. When you partner with Hallmark Business Connections, you can rely on our strict protocols, encrypted systems and rigid compliance standards. We designed everything to work in lockstep to ensure your data is safeguarded with consideration and coordination.

So now, as the weather starts to change and the days get shorter and shorter, we know the telltale signs of a happy holiday season won’t be far behind. Go ahead and make the call to stress less while connecting more with Hallmark Business Connections.

This holiday season, give your business the kind of boost that comes with a Hallmark card.